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The Humour Foundation’s core project is
Clown Doctors, touching the lives of over 60 000 people every year. The focus is children’s hospitals, and Clown Doctors are now part of hospital life in all major children’s hospitals around Australia.
Caring clowns also cheer up adult patients and play a role in palliative care.
Ambassador Clowns have also visited world trouble spots such as East Timor and Afghanistan.


Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns

The Hospital for Sick Children Therapeutic Clown Program (Toronto, Ontario)

Fools for Health Clown-Doctor Program, (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

M.I.R.T.H. Unit (Canada)


Dr Patch Adams, Gesundheit! Institute

Patty Wooten, Jest for Health

Shobi Dobi, Hospital Clown Newsletter

Clown Care Unit, Big Apple Circus

Heart & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe

Clowns without borders - USA
Clowns without Borders - USA


Hearts&Minds, the registered Scottish charity which aims to promote the quality of life of people in hospital and hospice care through the performing arts. Hearts&Minds' Clowndoctors programme